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ernunnos's Journal

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I listen to opera in my pickup truck.
.22 wmr, .454 casull, .45s, 10mm, 1911s, 7.62mm full metal jacket, 9mm +p+, ak-47s, ar-15s, arizona, atheism, audiophile headphones, bananas foster, billy wilder, blümchen, bourbon, bowling, cake, camping, childfree, children's books, cinema, classic children's books, cognitive therapy, coitus, coop, crash worship, creedence tapes, curve, cz-75s, daniel keys moran, deutsch, dominating ayn rand, ducatis, dvds, electro, epicureanism, epicurus, erisian claw, ernst lubitsch, existentialism, film, gene kelly, glocks, goat tacos, good sarsaparilla, gregory, guns, hiking, hillbilly bread, hooverphonic, horsepower, ipsc, isaiah berlin, istp, jesus and mary chain, johnny cash, karl popper, kimchee, kmfdm, kung fu, kurt vonnegut, l. neil smith, lebanon bologna, leftfield, libertarianism, lords of acid, love, lysander spooner, m1as, maker's mark, max stirner, michael nyman, motorcycles, movies, my johnson, my special lady friend, nietzsche, offroading, opera, peanut butter, pie, pixies, polydactyl cats, porsches, recreational christianity, red meat, reloading, roadsters, robert a. heinlein, robert heinlein, robert mitchum, rockford files, rose wilder lane, route 66, s2000, samurai jack, schadenfreude, shooting, solar cooking, solar ovens, solar power, sons of lee marvin, sportbikes, stephen fucking foster, stephen hunter, straight razors, suzuki, sv650s, tai chi, the coen brothers, the great outdoors, the pixies, the stone roses, tim powers, tobacco, torque, toshiro mifune, toyota tacomas, v-twins, vnv nation, whit stillman, white russians, wim wenders, wing chun, wing tsun