everlastinggodstopper (ernunnos) wrote,

Failure of assimilation.

Heather Macdonald's recent article on stop-and-frisk in NYC contains a mindblowing fact.

But for the last decade and a half, anti-cop advocates and their political allies have assailed discretionary stops as racist because the vast majority of stop subjects are black and Hispanic. This argument ignores the reality that the vast majority of criminals and victims are also black and Hispanic. Given that fact, the police cannot deploy their resources to the neighborhoods where law-abiding residents most need protection without producing racially disparate stop and arrest data. The NYPD’s stop rate for blacks is actually lower than their representation among known violent offenders. Blacks, who constitute 23 percent of the city’s population, committed 66 percent of all violent crimes in 2011, according to victims and witnesses, and 73 percent of all shootings—but they were only 53 percent of all stop subjects. By contrast, whites, who constitute 35 percent of the city’s population, committed 6 percent of all violent crimes and 3 percent of all shootings. They made up 9 percent of all stops.

Do the math. (73% of all shootings/23% of the population)/(3% of all shootings/35% of the population) = 37. Blacks in New York City are 37 times more likely per capita to be involved in a shooting than whites. 3700%. If blacks alone - no other racial group - were to assimilate to white American values in their approach to dispute resolution, violence in NYC would plummet. If we took these as absolute numbers, 73 shootings would become 2. Assuming other racial groups didn't change at all, you'd have 24+3+2=29. A 71% reduction from 100, just by assimilating one racial group. If all racial groups in NYC became like white New Yorkers, shootings would plummet by 90%. New York would be a paradise of peace and brotherly love.

This is the problem with allowing unlimited immigration under the assumption that the immigrants will all assimilate to American culture eventually, so it won't have any effect: It's simply not true. American culture - the culture where you don't shoot each other over your differences - isn't particularly good at assimilation. Not even after generations.

And no, it's not even an issue of gun control. If gun control caused crime, then white New Yorkers would be shooting each other too. They're not. White American culture is peaceful with or without gun control. Of course, if it's not necessary, there's no need to spend the money and inconvenience the law-abiding. So I'm still opposed to it on principle. But when it comes to the effect on violence, it's neither here nor there. It's also not an issue of violence in movies. Whites watch violent movies too.

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