everlastinggodstopper (ernunnos) wrote,


I am very happy to see Egypt having another revolution. Too many people think of "order" as the primary goal of foreign policy. But too often, order results in stable states that are miserable. Too many people also think of American foreign policy as a choice between isolationism and dictatorial control over empire.

But U.S. foreign policy is best in an Erisian role. Find a situation that is stuck in a miserable rut, and shake things up. Pop that marble out of its localized minima, and see where it lands. If it's something you can work with, go from there. If not, shake it up again.

We've now had two shakeups in Egypt in quick succession. Maybe the new government will be better. Maybe it will be worse. In which case, we might well have three. Perhaps more. It's far, far cheaper in money and human lives than the alternative of grinding civil war (eg. Syria) or repressive regimes that go on for decades.
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