everlastinggodstopper (ernunnos) wrote,


The Court Ruling That Could End Unpaid Internships for Good

If the competition for those unpaid positions is so fierce, then they're not fields that can absorb a lot of workers at higher levels either. The majority of interns will be disappointed, and it's economically more efficient to disappoint them early, so they can move on to other things. If the job is so unproductive that it's not worth at least minimum wage, then it deserves to disappear. This is also a form of career gambling, with your parents' money. (Who supports these interns?) Transferring money from one person to another with little added value is an economic zero-sum game, and society suffers no loss by ending it. Also, this requirement for parental support is a way of perpetuating class ownership of certain fields, which has other negative effects. Why is the mainstream press such an echo chamber? You think filtering out aspirants by how much money their parents make and are willing to donate to the cause of getting their kids into it plays a role? I do.

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