everlastinggodstopper (ernunnos) wrote,

Good news!

Blade-Tech will make any of their holsters for the PPQ, but you have to call, and they don't have it listed on their site yet.

My favorite polymer holsters for my favorite polymer handgun!

And these days, a hi-cap carry gun is an especially good idea. It's not like savages need an excuse at the best of times, but the whole Trayvon Martin case is giving people a fresh sense of entitlement. There's a good chance that the evidence will exonerate George Zimmerman - when one side has to blatantly manipulate evidence and use 4-year-old photos to make their case, it's probably not very good - but by now the press has managed to whip emotions into such a frenzy that the easily (mis)lead are going to need a catharsis. Rioting or other "retaliatory" violence. Of course, the best idea is to just avoid it, but you can't stay locked in your bunker all the time.

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